Online Orientation Program for Transfer Students – Spring 2021

Online Orientation

ONLINE ORIENTATION:  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation Orientation will be online for all new undergraduate students at Storrs and all regional campuses for spring  2021. We want new students to make a smooth transition to the university and value their health and safety.  We feel that Online Orientaton will allow you to prepare for classes at the university and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Online Orientation is required of all first-time degree seeking students (First-Year and Transfer) at all campuses of the University of Connecticut in order to register for classes.  There are no exceptions to this new student enrollment requirement.

Your online Orientation experience will provide you with information to help learn about being a student at UConn Storrs and guide you through the advising and class registration process.

Online Orientation includes information on the following topics:

  • Academic Advising for your major
  • Academic Support Services
  • Financial – Paying for College
  • Financial Aid
  • How to Register for Classes
  • Husky One Card (ID)
  • Involvement Opportunities
  • International Services
  • Library Services
  • Living & Learning Opportunities.
  • New Student Task List
  • Parking
  • Public Safety
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • Technology
  • Transfer Student Information
  • Title IX & Bystander Intervention
  • University Resources
  • Veteran Services

COMPLETE ALL BOTH SECTIONS OF THE ONLINE MODULE:  Completing both parts of the online module is required before you can register for one of the Orientation advising/registration sessions.  This is when you will meet online, by phone or email with an academic advisor to register for classes.  By preparing ahead of time by way of the online module, your appointment with an academic advisor will be less stressful and more meaningful.

ON-DEMAND FORMAT:  Online Orientation is structured in an “on demand” format which means that once you gain access to the online Orientation module it will be accessible when you want to complete it.  As previously stated you must complete all the videos and other self-selecting sections of the Online module before you will be able to select an advising/registration session to register for spring classes.  The module has 2 parts, Part A and Part B and will take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete in one sitting.  It is to your advantage to complete both parts of the module so you can schedule an advising sessions which occur in December and January.

MODULE KEEPS TRACK: The module is designed to keep track of all the sections you review.  After you complete Part A of the module in 24 to 48 hours you will receive an email telling you to return to your orientation portal to work on Part B.  The completion of Part B will be followed by registering for an advising/registration session.

You will receive an email invitation sent to both your personal and UConn email addresses to register for online Orientation.  This email must be received in order to access the system.  Emails will begin to go out in Mid-November to students who paid the $300 enrollment deposit.  All advising/registration sessions are in December 2020 and January 2021.

The cost for online Orientation is $115. This is a non-refundable charge.
For more information on why there is a charge for orientation, please visit our 

Payment is by Credit Card from a U.S. affiliated bank.

  • Credit/Debit Card– through the online Orientation Registration portal. The online reservation system accepts: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club.

A WORD ABOUT PLACEMENT EXAMS:  It is important if you need to take a placement exam(s) you do so before you meet with an academic advisor for your advising/registration session.  Not all students need to take placment exams.

Please review the University's Course Placement InformationMath Placement Exam (MPE) and the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) to determine if you need to take the MPE and/or CPE for your major. Information about the MPE and CPE can be found at the links above.

Math Placement Exam (MPE): Not all students need to take the MPE.  A list of majors that must take the MPE can be found on the Math Placement Exam website. Students who need to take the MPE and do not do so in advance of their advising/registration appointment will not be allowed to register for Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1 or 2 at advising/registration. The majors that need to take the MPE can be found at Math Placement Exam Majors (MPE).

Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE): Not all students need to take the CPE. All Undergraduate students seeking to register for General Chemistry (CHEM 1124, CHEM 1127 or CHEM 1147) should take the CPE in order to determine their readiness for appropriate placement in Chemistry. The majors that need to take the CPE can be found at Chemistry Placement Exam Majors (CPE) .

NOTE ON THE MPE & CPE:  Research conducted by the university shows that both the MPE & CPE place students in the appropriate Math and Chemistry courses for their ability.  Answer the questions honestly because you want to be placed in the appropriate course for your ability so you have a successful first semester at the university.

English Placement Questionnaire: To be taken by International students. For local students, standardized tests, (e.g., SAT or ACT) will be used to place you in the appropriate English course. For international students, we will use a combination of standardized tests (e.g., TOEFL or SAT) and a guided placement questionnaire for Spring 2021 English placement. This guided placement questionnaire will ask about your previous experiences writing in American academic English and to provide brief examples of your writing. The guided English placement questionnaire and writing sample prompts are available now on the English Placement site.

We offer an online program for parents and guardians with “on demand” presentations that will familiarize parents with the university.  Parents can view the Parent/Guardian Online Orientation Program at their leisure since all the presentations have been pre-recorded.

 The deadline to schedule an advising/registration session is January 14th, 2021.

The chart below shows the Orientation advising/registration sessions taking place in December and January.  24-48 hours after you complete Part A of the module you will be able to complete Part B.  After you complete Part B you will be able to sign up for an advising/registration session based on when your school or college meets

ACES = Academic Center for Exploratory Students

AGNR-AH = Allied Health (program within AGNR)

AGNR = College of Agriculture Health & Natural Resources

BUSN = School of Business

CLAS = College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

ENGR = School of Engineering

FA = School of Fine Arts

NEAGNEAG School of Education

  • NEAG-IB/M = Integrated Bachelors & Master's Degree
  • NEAG-SM = Sports Management

NU = School of Nursing

PHARM = The School of Pharmacy

RHSA = Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture


Session Session Date School & Colleges Meeting Reservation Deadline
1 Wed. December 9, 2020 ACES - CLAS Wed. December 2, 2020
2 Thu. December 10, 2020 ACES - BUSN - CLAS - PHARM Thu. December 3, 2020
3 Fri. December 11, 2020  AGNR-AH - AGNR - CLAS - FA - PHARM - Honors - RHSA Fri. December 4, 2020
4 Mon. December 21, 2020 ACES  -  ENGR Mon. December 14, 2020
5 Tue. December 22, 2020 ENGR Tue. December 15, 2020
6 Tue. January 5, 2021 ACES - ENGR Tue. December 29, 2020
7 Wed. January 6, 2021 ACES - AGNR-AH - AGNR - PHARM - RHSA Wed. December 30, 2020
8 Tue. January 12th, 2021 CLAS Tue. January 5, 2021
9 Thu. January 14, 2021 CLAS - PHARM Thu. January 7, 2021
10 Fri. January 15, 2021 CLAS - FA Fri. January 8, 2021
11 Mon. January 18, 2021 ACES - BUSN -  ENGR - FA Mon. January 11, 2021