New Student Task List for Freshmen and Transfers (Spring)

Once you have been assigned to an Orientation session, be sure to refer to the important tasks listed below, which you will need to complete before attending Orientation and before beginning your first semester at UConn.

As a new student, the University expects you to

  • Take personal responsibility for your academic and social choices
  • Pay attention to all University requirements and fee deadlines
  • Seek assistance
  • Get involved
  • Check your email constantly for important messages sent to you from the university.  Email is the major mode of communication between university departments and its students.  As a new student you should continuously check both your personal email address and your UConn email address (when you get one) to stay on top of things.  Emails are sent to UConn students only.  Students admitted for the spring will get their UConn email address created in mid-November.  You will not have a UConn email until that time so check your personal email address that you put on your application for admission to the university in the meantime.

Spring 2020  – Task List for Admitted Students (Freshmen & Transfers)

A personalized Task List created for your specific admit type (freshmen, international freshmen, transfer, international transfer) can be found in your Orientation portal which is where you will make a reservation for UConn's Orientation program.  Check the tasks off your personal task list as you complete them.   A general task list of things new students need to do follows.

After Being Accepted to UConn

  • Within 2 weeks of Receiving Your Acceptance Letter - Pay your enrollment deposit. In order to confirm your enrollment, you must pay a $300 enrollment deposit.
    • Visit the Admissions website for details and instructions. You will receive an invitation to sign up for an Orientation session which will be sent to your UConn and personal email addresses starting mid-November if you paid the enrollment deposit. New students cannot sign up for an Orientation session until they pay their deposit and receive the email invitation. Orientation email invitations will be sent to students who paid the deposit  starting mid-November.
  • International Students - Form I-20, SEVIS I-901 and Transfer-In Form.
    • The Form I-20 will enable you to apply for the F-1 visa necessary to study in the United States. The F-1 application should be completed immediately, as it is difficult to determine the length of time for processing.  Undergraduate Admissions will issue the Form I-20 after your financial statement with supporting documents and enrollment deposit is received. For more information about obtaining your F-1 visa, please visit Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Complete Step 1  of the New Student Tech Training Module.
    • In this tutorial, you will reset your NetID password (if you haven't already), learn how to access your University email account (available in mid-November), review your financial aid status, and apply for on-campus housing.
NOTE ABOUT UCONN EMAIL - UConn email addresses for new students will be available in Mid-November.

At Least 12 Business Days BEFORE Attending Orientation

  1. Complete Step 2 of the New Student Tech Training Module.
  2. Review the Course Placement website and, if applicable, complete the Math Placement Exam (MPE) and the  Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)
    • Both exams are offered through HuskyCT and can be accessed through the Course Placement Website.
    • NOTE:  If your major requires that you take the Math Placement Exam before Orientation and you do not do so, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to register for Precalculus, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 at Orientation.  On the Math Placement webpage you can see a list of majors that have to take the MPE. If your major requires that you take the Chemistry Placement Exam and you do not do so, you will not be able to register for General Chemistry or Honors General Chemistry at Orientation. On the Chemistry Placement webpage you can see a list of majors that have to take the CPE
  3. Upload a Photo for Your UConn ID Card.
    • For photo guidelines and upload instructions, visit How to Upload Your Photo for Your UConn Husky One Card (PDF)The photo you upload must have been recently taken and only has you the new UConn student in it.
    • It will be a disadvantage to you if you do not upload a photo prior to Orientation because without an uploaded photo, you will not get your ID card during  Orientation and will have to return to the university at another time to get it.
    • Students need their ID card to gain access to several places including their residence hall, university dining halls and the Student Recreation facility to name a few.  You will need it to move in and to attend classes.
    • The deadline for uploading a photo is 48 hours before your scheduled Orientation session. Uploading a photo earlier than that time is highly recommended in the event your initial photo is not accepted and you need to upload it again.
    • Students who upload their photo no later than 48 hours before their scheduled Orientation session will receive their UConn ID at Orientation.
    • Students who DO NOT upload a photo by the upload deadline WILL NOT receive their UConn ID at Orientation.  Students who are late in uploading their photo will receive their UConn ID when they move in or when they begin classes.
      • We encourage all students to upload their photo because we would like to give you your ID card at Orientation otherwise you need to come back to campus at another time to obtain it.
  4. Log into your Student Administration System to: 
    1. Sign the Student Financial Agreement, step by step instructions can be found here.

      • This MUST be done prior to orientation or you will not be able to register for coursework. More information regarding the Student Financial Agreement can be found here.
    2.  Review holds on your account; for assistance locating this information visit the Student Administration System Help website.
      • Holds can be placed on your account by various university offices for a variety of reasons.
      • If you see a hold that says "Bursar Hold" that means you owe the university money.  Please contact the appropriate office concerning your hold; in this case, it would be the Bursar's office.
      • An "Orientation" hold will be put on all new undergraduate student accounts until they attend Orientation.  At Orientation, this hold will be lifted when each student meets with their academic advisor to register for classes.
      • Enrollment holds issued by other offices such as the Financial Aid Office, Student Health & Wellness, etc. need to be taken care of before Orientation or you will not be able to register for classes at Orientation.
    3. Check that your personal cell phone number is correct in the Student Administration System so that you receive updates from the University's Alert Notification System.

Message from the Center for Students with Disabilities

Welcome Huskies! If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations please register with the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) prior to the start of the semester. Complete information regarding the accommodations, services and programs coordinated through the Center, can be found on the CSD website, Huskies with a NetID can register with the CSD online via MyAccess, or from the CSD homepage (paper-based Student Information Forms are available to download from the CSD website). Please contact the CSD at (860) 486-2020 or with questions or to schedule an appointment. The CSD is looking forward to working with you.

Important Dates & Information

Starting Mid-November: Orientation Registration

  • Students who paid the $300 enrollment deposit will receive an invitation to register for an Orientation session.  This invitation will be sent to the student's personal email address.  Invitations will be sent as the enrollment deposits are received.  Allow 48 hours after the enrollment deposit has been received and processed by the University to receive the Orientation invitation.
  • Students cannot sign up for an Orientation session until the $300 enrollment deposit is paid and the email invitation is received.

By November 15th: Housing Application

  • Within 3-5 days of paying your enrollment deposit, you will receive access by email to submit Part 1 of the online Housing Application for the spring 2020 semester if you have been admitted as a resident student and will live in on-campus housing.   A confirmation email is automatically sent to your email account once the application is submitted.  If you do not received a confirmation, contact the Department of Residential Life.  Visit Residential Life  and Storrs New Student Central for more information.

By January 2nd: Health History Form

By January 8th: Pay Your UConn Fee Bill

  • Pay your UConn Fee Bill
  • Beginning mid-April students' fee bills will be posted in the Student Administration System. If  a new student does not pay their fee bill, even if it is a partial one, (not for the entire semester) the student will not be able to register for classes at Orientation until the fee bill is paid. 
  • A "Bursar hold" will be put on a student's account that cannot be removed to register for classes until the fee bill is paid.

    By January 15th: Transfer Student Transcripts

    • Transfer Students: Submit any final, official transcripts with your most recent grades to Transfer Admissions.

    By January 17th: New Student Tech Training Module Step 3

    • Complete Step 3 of the New Student Tech Training Module. Step 3 contains information on UConn technology (Hardware, Operating Systems, Mobile Apps, and Software) for UConn students.  In this part of the Tutorial you can check out the type and amount of software available to you as a UConn student.

    Before January 21st: AlcoholEdu and "Welcome to the Pack" Online Modules

    • Complete AlcoholEdu: As part of our comprehensive prevention efforts, UConn requires all incoming students to complete AlcoholEdu.
      • Part 1 of AlcoholEdu needs to be completed by January 21st, 2020. AlcoholEdu Part was made available on January 6, 2020 for new students to access.
    • The "Welcome to the Pack" module needs to be completed prior to January 21, 2020. It was also made available on January 6, 2020 for new students to access.
    • Students who have already completed AlcoholEdu at their previous institution will receive an email about the waiver option requirements that need to be received prior to January 15th for review to be waived from the program. (Both Parts 1 and 2 of AlcoholEdu need to be completed with a passing grade of 80% or higher from a previous institution.)
    • All new students must complete the "Welcome to the Pack" module. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement

    By February 5th: Health Insurance Waiver

    • Health Insurance Waiver:  Submit a health insurance waiver if you are waiving out of the University-sponsored health insurance plan.

    By March 11th: AlcoholEdu Part 2

    • If you did not receive a waiver from completing AlcoholEdu, the second part of this is due by March 11th, 2020