Online Program for Storrs Spring Admissions Students 2021

The Storrs Spring Admissions Online Program

Due to the on going Covid-19 situation the university will continue to have an Online Orientation program for all new undergraduate students at Storrs and all regional campuses for spring 2021.  This is the same for students who are in the Storrs Spring Admissions program.

STORRS SPRING ADMISSIONS STUDENTS:  Students admitted to the university under the Storrs Spring Admission Program must complete the Storrs Spring Admissions Online module which is an orientation to the Storrs campus.  After students complete the online module they will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with a Storrs advisor from their school/college.  The date for this appointment is Monday, January 11, 2021.

This obligation to attend a Storrs Spring Admissions Orientation session was one of the requirements that students agreed to when they accepted their admissions to the Storrs Spring Admissions Program.  Please see the Storrs Spring Admission Requirements below.


STORRS SPRING ADMISSION PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:  To participate in the Storrs Spring Admission Program, you will need to:

  • Earn a minimum of 12 credits in your fall semester at a UConn regional campus.
  • Achieve a fall semester grade point average of at least 3.0.
  • Attend a required Storrs Spring Admission Orientation session.  (For Spring 2021 this requirement is fulfilled by completing the Storrs Spring Admissions Online module.)
  • Live in University housing during your first spring semester at the Storrs campus.

The online Storrs Spring Admissions program has been designed specifically for students in this cohort.  Students will learn about the academic, student life, and support services at Storrs.  In addition, they will meet with their school/college representatives on January 11th.  There is no fee for this program which is mandatory for all Storrs Spring Admissons students.


COMPLETE ALL PARTS OF THE ONLINE MODULE:  Storrs Spring Admissions students must complete all parts of the online module before they can register for the Storrs Spring Admissions appointment on January 11 with their school/college at Storrs.  This appointment will introduce Storrs Spring Admissions students to their school/college at Storrs so they know who to contact when they have questions or need to meet with an advisor since their academic advisors will switch to those at Storrs.


ON-DEMAND FORMAT:  The online module is in an “on demand” format which means that once a student gains access to the module it will be accessible when they want to complete it. Students need to complete all the videos and self-selecting sections of the module before they will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with a Storrs academic advisor.


MODULE KEEPS TRACK: The module is designed to keep track of all the sections students review.


Storrs Spring Admissions students will receive an email invitation to complete the online module.  This email will be sent in mid December,  2020.  After a student completes the online module and schedules an appointment to meet with an advisor on January 11th an email confirmation will be sent with details on how the student will connect with their advisor.  Emails are sent to the student's UConn email address.


The date that the Storrs Spring Admissions Online Orientation program advising appointments are scheduled for is Monday January 11th, 2021.

ACES = Academic Center for Exploratory Students

AGNR-AH = Allied Health (program within AGNR)

AGNR = College of Agriculture Health & Natural Resources

BUSN = School of Business

CLAS = College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

ENGR = School of Engineering

FA = School of Fine Arts

PHARM = The School of Pharmacy

Date of Program Schools/Colleges Meeting Reservation Deadline
January 11, 2021 ACES - AGNR-AH - AGNR - BUSN - CLAS - ENGR - FA - PHARM January 4, 2021