Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Orientation Online this year?

Due to the Covid-19 situation UConn decided once again to put Orientation online for new students starting classes at the university in fall 2021.  Many other universities in the United States made the same decision since the Covid-19 virus is still a threat to many people.  The university is guided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health on the actions that it takes.

Since Covid is still a threat, especially with the new Covid variants that have developed, we do not want to risk having new students or their parents/guardians who attend Orientation from all over the U.S. and beyond catch the virus from another attendee.  We are trying to keep everyone safe at this time since Orientation begins in late May.  When the university opens in August the virus and immunization situation may be different but right now we are not going to take the chance of anyone catching the virus or taking it home with them.  There most likely will be in-person activities for new student when they come to campus in the fall in a program called Husky WOW (Week of Welcome).  The program for Husky WOW is currently being developed in accordance with the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

NOTE ABOUT THE ROLLING OUT OF ONLINE ORIENTATION PROCESS: When the online Orientation module is ready in late April, the Storrs Orientation Office staff will download new student information into the online Orientation module for students who paid the $400 enrollment deposit.  As student information is downloaded into the online Orientation module new students will receive an email invitation to start online Orientation.  The email invitation sent to the new student's personal and UConn email addresses must be received in order to access the online Orientation module.

The presentations in the online Orientation module will be rolled out over a period of time starting late April until early July.  As the mandatory presentations in the online module go live new students will receive emails notifying them of this and directing them to complete more of the online Orientation module.


When will Online Orientation be available for the Storrs Campus?

Online Orientation will be available for Storrs students who paid the $400 enrollment deposit starting late April.

Starting late April students who paid the $400 enrollment deposit will receive an invitation to begin online Orientation.  This email will be sent to both their personal and UConn email addresses.  The email must be received in order to access the online Orientation module.   Starting late April email invitations will continue to go out on a rolling bases as the $400 enrollment deposit is received by the university.

How will I know that Online Orientation is Available?

Storrs undergraduate students who have paid the $400 enrollment deposit will receive an email invitation sent to their personal and UConn email addresses informing them that they can begin Online Orientation starting late April.  The email must be received in order to access the Online Orientation module.


Where will I find Online Orientation?

There will be a link in the email that you will receive which will take you into the Online Orientation module.  You will log into the Online Orientation reservation system by using your NetID and password, review and complete some academic and personal information, and then start Online Orientation which will have presentations rolled out over a period of time from last April through early July.

Is Online Orientation Mandatory? What happens if I do not complete Online Orientation?

All first-time degree-seeking students attending all campuses of the University of Connecticut must complete Online Orientation in order to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.  That is the enrollment requirement for all new students at the University of Connecticut. Students who choose not to complete Online Orientation will have their admission to the university cancelled.  The deadline to complete online Orientation and schedule an orientation advising appointment, which is when a student meets with an academic advisor to register for classes, is July 1, 2021.

UConn's Orientation program is the very best start that a new student can experience to transition to the university which is why Conn's administration made Orientation mandatory many years ago.  Orientation whether on-campus or online, includes specific content that the university administration mandates for all new students.  It does not matter if the student is a First-Year student transitioning from high school, a Transfer student transitioning from another college, or even if a student has family that works at the university and has grown up on campus. The fact is no matter what the new student's experience has been, UConn is a brand new place for them now as a new member of the community. UConn has different policies, deadlines, support services, conduct code, expectations, diversity and academic opportunities as compared to the new student's previous educational institution..
Many universities around the nation have made Orientation mandatory. This is not just a UConn thing.
Online Orientation is mandatory for all first-time degree seeking students if they wish to register for classes at the University of Connecticut.  An Online "Orientation hold" is placed on all undergraduate new student accounts so they cannot register for classes until they complete the presentations of Online Orientation.  After they complete these presentations in the Orientation module they can then schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor to register for classes.  Their academic advisor will remove the Online Orientation hold when they meet for this appointment.

Can you explain how Online Orientation and class registration work?

Students need to first view the presentations in the Online Orientation module.  After they view all the pre-advising and registration presentations in the module they will be able to schedule an appointment through the online Orientation system to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. The advising appointments for new students begin in late May and continue through mid-July.  During an Orientation Advising/Registration appointment, students will connect online with an academic advisor in their school or college and register for fall semester classes.

It is recommended that students complete online Orientation immediately after they get access to the online module so they can register for an advising appointment that occurs early in the Orientation cycle in order to get the classes they need.


What is the Charge for Undergraduate Online Orientation?

Starting with the fall 2021 class there will be no charge for the undergraduate Online Orientation program for new UConn students because the Orientation fee is now contained in the $400 enrollment deposit.

Why do I have an “Orientation Hold” in my Student Administration account? How do I get that removed?

All first-time degree seeking undergraduate students have "Orientation Holds" put on their accounts so they cannot register for classes until they meet with their academic advisor.  Academic advisors want to get to know their new student advisees and make sure they are registering for the correct classes to fulfill their degree program and graduate in a timely manner.  Orientation Holds will not be removed until a student meets with their advisor to register for classes.  New students will schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor through the online Orientation system after they complete the presentations in online Orientation. It will be the student's academic advisor who removes the "Orientation Hold."

Why do I have to meet with an Academic Advisor in order to register for classes. I did not have to do that at my last college?

At the University of Connecticut new students need to meet with an academic advisor who will make sure they take the appropriate courses that lead to their degree to insure a timely graduation.  Advisors also make sure students took all the appropriate placement tests, and have completed other tasks so their transition to the university is a smooth one.  Academic Advisors are professional counselors who help students select courses that can narrow down their major choice if they are not sure what to major in.  Advisors can also spot students having difficulty and can recommend student support staff who can help.  Academic advisors are professional staff members who are experienced and very well trained to guide new and continuing students toward their academic degree.

How long will it take to complete the online module?

The online Orientation module consists of two parts, Part A and Part B.


It can take from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete Part A of the module depending on your school/college and if you are in a special program such as Honors and SSS, and it can take up to 45 minutes to complete Part B of the online module.  There is a 24 hour wait after a student completes Part A until they have access to Part B of the module because the module needs to send a report to the Orientation Office indicating that Part A was fully completed by the student.  After a student completes Part B they will be taken to the advising appointments sessions where they can select a date to meet virtually with an advisor to register for classes.

Do I have to complete Online Orientation all at once?

No.  The system will remember where you left off.

I’m thinking about changing my major. How will this impact my Online Orientation and meeting with an academic advisor to register for classes?

If you are considering changing your major you need to submit your request to the Admissions department through your Admissions Applicant Portal two weeks BEFORE starting Online Orientation.  The reason for this is because all requests for major or school/college changes must be reviewed by the Admissions department to see if the change is possible.  Some change requests may not be possible due to majors or schools that have restricted enrollments, or higher entry level standards.  In addition, not every school and college are available during each Orientation Registration session. Changing your major before you attend your Orientation Registration session will ensure that you get the most out of your advising and class registration experience.

As stated above a request to change your major should be submitted through your Admissions Applicant Portal at least 2 weeks prior to completing online Orientation because majors cannot be changed during the Orientation registration session when you will meet with an academic advisor.

TO SUBMIT A MAJOR CHANGE REQUEST: If you wish to request a major change, please visit your Admissions Applicant Portal and complete the “Admissions Decision Appeal & Change Request” form. Your Admissions Applicant Portal will reflect the most updated information once your request is reviewed.

Please note that Admissions does not take major change requests by email.  Students must go into their Admissions Applicant Portal to file a major change request.

What happens if I change my major after I complete online Orientation?

 The Orientation Office will be notified if a student changes their school or college after completing Online Orientation.  Once the Orientation Office is notified, they will send the students an email with information that will connect them to an advisor in their new school/college.   There will be additional pre-advising content on their new school/college that they will have to view. Their new school/college will direct them to this content which will not be in the online Orientation module.  

Do I have to take any placement tests?

There are three placement tests that new students may need to take.  Two tests are based on their academic major: The Math Placement Exam (MPE), the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE).  The English Placement test is a test for placement in first year English and needs to be taken by International students.  It will be located on the English Placement Test website starting May 23 2020.   The English Placement Exam must be taken by all International students before meeting with an academic advisor to register for classes.

All new students should review the Course Placement website at least twelve business days before they meet with an academic advisor.  If a student needs to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) based on their major and does not take it prior to meeting with their academic advisor, the student will not be able to register for Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 during that advising/registration session.  Please read the Math Placement Exam (MPE) website to see if your major requires that you take it.  The Chemistry Placement Exam is recommended for placement in the appropriate chemistry course if a student’s major requires Chemistry.   If your major is on the list of majors on the Math Placement Exam (MPE)  or Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) webpage you need to take the exam before your advisor meeting.

Research done by the university indicates that students who take the Math and Chemistry Placement Exams are placed in the appropriate Math and Chemistry courses for their ability.  Answer the questions honestly so you are placed in the appropropriate courses and have a successful first semester at the university.  There's nothing worse than being placed in a course that is above your Math or Chemistry ability which results in a difficult first semester.

When do I have to complete the Placement Exams by ?

In general you should complete any placement exams (Math or Chemistry) at least a week before you meet with an academic advisor to register for classes.  The reason for this is because you have 3 chances to take the Math and Chemistry placement exams in case you are not happy with the score you earned on the first try.   If you would like to improve your score review the Learning Modules in the exam site to brush up on some Math or Chemistry content.  Then retake the exam.

If you wait until the very last minute and take an exam, like some new students do, you may not get the opportunity to take it again to possibly raise your score before you meet with an academic advisor to register for classes.

The most important thing when taking the exam(s) is to answer each question as honestly as you can to be placed in the course appropriate for your ability.  There's nothing worse than being placed in a course that is higher than your Math or Chemistry ability causing you to have a rough first semester and possibly fail.  College is very different than high school in course difficulty.

UConn has done research on both the Math and Chemistry Placement Exams and found they place the student in the appropriate course for their Math or Chemistry ability.


Will my AP or previous college/university coursework count toward my UConn degree?

AP and Transfer Guidelines are available on the Transfer Admissions website. If you have completed college course work, make sure to have an official transcript, reflecting courses completed and grades earned, sent directly from your college to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

I am a transfer student and I need to register for classes now in order to get the classes I need.

At all campuses of the University of Connecticut new students register for classes after they complete Online Orientation and not before.  It is the same  if the program was on-campus.  There are no exceptions to this.  There are many students who would like to register for classes early, before everyone else, in order to get specific classes.  This is not fair to the over 5000 incoming students that we have at Storrs and the regional campuses.  After students complete Online Orientation, they will meet with an academic advisor.  Their advisor will help them register for classes based on the major and degree they are seeking.  We know that meeting with an advisor may be a new experience for some students who have been to college before, but this is standard practice at the university for new students.  It insures that they register for classes that lead to their degree.  It is important for new students to be flexible in their class choices for their first semester.

As a Transfer student when may I review my transfer credit evaluation?

Transfer credit evaluations will be posted on a rolling basis in the Student Administration System for new transfer students before their scheduled meeting with their academic advisor to register for classes.

How will I meet with an academic advisor to register for classes after I complete Online Orientation?

24 hours after you complete the Online Orientation module you will be able to go back into the Orientation reservation system to select a registration session when you can contact an academic advisor in your school/college.  An email will be sent to you after you select your registration session confirming your session, date and time of your registration appointment.  The confirmation will also tell you how to contact an advisor  before or at your appointment time.

How will that advisor meeting be conducted?

Advisors have their own preference for how they want to meet with students.  Some prefer to meet by email, others by phone or skype, and still others by use of the internet in a WebEx or Zoom meeting.  Your advisor will tell you in advance how they want to meet with you.

Are there any specific conditions for the meeting with my advisor?

Depending on how your advisor wants to conduct their meeting with you, (email, phone, internet, skype, etc.) during that time you should be in a quiet area away from noise and disturbances with your attention devoted to the conversation with your advisor.  If your advisor will conduct your session online you should be in front of a computer, or an iPad in a quiet area.  If the meeting is by phone you should be in a quiet area with no distractions.  Advising/Registration at the University of Connecticut is between the student and advisor only.  Parents/guardians, siblings or friends should not be at your advising/registration meeting.

Can I change the time of my advising/registration appointment?

No, you cannot change the time of your advising/registration appointment.  Students need to be available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the day of their advising/registration session because registration appointments are pre-assigned and cannot be changed.  Students will receive the time of their advising/registration appointment 3-5 days before their registration session.  Just make sure you can be available between 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. on the day you select for your advising/registration session.

Can my parents help me register for classes?

Advising/Registration at the University of Connecticut is between the student and advisor only whether it is done during the online or on-campus Orientation programs.  The student/advisor relationship is an important one at the university. Students need to begin this dialogue by themselves early during Orientation.  Parents/guardians, siblings or friends should not be at your advising/registration meeting.  The meeting is with you and your advisor only.

How can I access my UConn Email?

A new student’s UConn email account is not created until matriculation occurs which is in Mid-May for students starting classes in the fall.  Until your UConn email account is created all email will be sent to your personal email address which is the one you put on your admissions application.

You can determine if your UConn email has been created by going to Step 2 in the New Student Tech Training site at,  There are directions in Step 2 that will walk you through setting up your UConn Email.

Can I refer back to this information in the module after I have completed Online Orientation?

Yes, you can! We hope you continue using the online Orientation module as a resource during the summer.

I have questions about Learning Communities. Who can I contact?

Students who have questions about Learning Communities should contact Amanda Wilde from the First-Year Programs and Learning Communities Office at

What is the address of the Office of Orientation Services?

The Orientation Office address is,

Office of Orientation Services, University of Connecticut, 233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4239, Room 17, Wilbur Cross Building, Storrs, CT  06269-4239

We are currently working remotely.

Who can I contact with additional questions about Online Orientation?

You can contact the Office of Orientation Services by email at

When is the Health History Form Due and How Do I Submit the Completed Form?

Due to the Covid-19 situation the student Health History Form which was previously due on July 1 is now due by August 1, 2020.  Students need to download the Health History Form and have it completed by a health care professional.  Completed Health History Forms need to be uploaded through the Student Health Portal.  A video illustrating how to upload your health documents can be found on the Student Health and Wellness - Medical Care webpage.  The video can be found on the lower right side of the webpage.

When is the Fee Bill Due?

Due to the Covid-19 situation the university fee bill which was previously due on August 1 is now due on August 28, 2020.