Welcome to the 2020-21 Online Storrs Parent/Guardian Orientation Program

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we aren’t able to offer an in Person Parent/Guardian Orientation this summer. Don’t worry, we are still able to offer a Parent/Guardian Online Orientation!

Listed below are a number of presentations from a wide selection of the many UConn Storrs Departments and Offices that are available to help both you and your new Huskies adjust to beginning their academic career at UConn.

Academic Connection

Listed below are presentations from most of the school or college that your son/daughter was admitted into. These presentations will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the academic side of the University now that your students have enrolled in the University of Connecticut.

Presented by the UConn School of Engineering Undergraduate Academic Advisors

Presented by the UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

“Parent Talk” Presented by the Academic Advisors from the Academic Center for Exploratory Students also known as the ACES Program:

Presented by the School of Business office of Undergraduate Advising:

Presented by the Academic advisors from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture:

Presented by the School of Pharmacy:

The School of Nursing:

Money Matters Parent/Guardian Orientation Video presented by the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of the Bursar

This presentation is designed to educate you on the functions of the Office of Student Financial Aid Services and the Office of the Bursar. It will help you identify the financial aid tools available to incoming students, and prepare you for the financial commitment associated with attending the University of Connecticut. The Office of the Bursar will review the fee bill and associated dates, the methods of payment including the payment plan, and the implications of not paying the bill on time. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services will review the process of accepting/declining financial aid, important deadlines, and the different types of educational loans available to students and parents

Videos from Various Student Support Services

The Office of First-Year Programs and Learning Communities:

This video is for families of incoming UConn students and about First Year Programs, Learning Communities, the LC Innovation Zone, and the Academic Achievement Center.

Being Well at UConn presented by Student Health and Wellness:

This video is an introduction to Student Health and Wellness services and programs available to UConn students at the Storrs campus.

Parents, Students and UConn Working Together presented by the Dean of Students Office:

Staff from the Dean of Students Office will discuss how they work collectively to support student success. In this session parents will learn how the Division of Student Affairs works with students and families to identify and develop strategies to effectively engage with UConn resources.

Center for Career Development:

The Center for Career Development empowers UConn students to develop skills for life-long career satisfaction. The Center has resources that help students learn what their interests and skills are in addition to helping them explore majors and careers. Learn more about the Center for Career Development and how this department with its vast amount of resources can help your UConn student.

Department of Residential Life:

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services:

If your new UConn student is going to be a commuter, this video will inform you about the services and opportunities the university has for students who do not live on campus.

Education Abroad Presentation:

UConn’s Education Abroad fosters a global learning community in which everyone may engage in accessible, challenging, and safe intercultural experiences. Education Abroad programs provide students with invaluable opportunities to advance an evolving knowledge of self, others, and the world; Critical thinking and communication skills; and inclusive attitudes and values, all of which are essential in today’s complex world. How will your student change their world?

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Basics:

This video explains what FERPA is and provides you with information on parent tools available for accessing your student’s information.

UConn Division of Public Safety

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