Online Orientation (May – August, 2021)

Storrs Campus

All Online Orientation reservations for new students admitted to the Storrs campus
are coordinated by the Storrs Orientation Office.

If you are a student admitted to one of UConn's regional campuses please contact that regional campus directly if you have questions.

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Regional Campuses

If you have been admitted to one of UConn's regional campuses, you will participate in the online Orientation program for your regional campus and will receive an email when the Orientation module is ready for you to begin. Please contact your regional campus directly if you have other questions.


Regional Campus Orientation Pages

Welcome to UConn Storrs!

Greetings from the UConn Storrs campus!  We are happy to have you as a new member of the UConn community.  Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, Orientation will continue to be online for all students starting classes at Storrs in the fall.

WHAT DOES ONLINE ORIENTATION CONSIST OF?  Online Orientation is a module that contains many presentations on different topics related to UConn that will help all new students, (First-Year & Transfer) make a smooth transition to university.  The Online Orientation module is comprehensive in nature and designed to cover the academic, support services and business processes that would have been included in the on-campus Orientation program.  The presentations in Online Orientation will be rolled out from late April through early July. Students will be notified by email as these mandatory presentations go live.  Some of these presentations are followed by a quiz to ensure students understand the content presented.

It is important that students constantly check their email starting late April for these important emails from the Storrs Orientation office.  These emails will be sent to the student only at the student's personal and UConn email addresses.  NOTE:  UConn email addresses will not be created for new students until May 17.  Information in the online Orientation module will direct students on how to access their UConn email after it is created on May 17. The Pre-advising presentations in the online Orientation module need to be completed before new students can schedule an appointment to meet online with an academic advisor in their school/college to sign up for classes. The advising appointments when new students can sign up for classes begin in late May. Since the video presentations in the online Orientation module provide valuable information to new students about the various aspects of the university it is to the student's advantage to take notes from the videos they view in the module.

WHEN CAN STUDENTS BEGIN ONLINE ORIENTATION?  Students attending the Storrs campus who paid the $400 enrollment deposit will receive an email invitation starting late April/early May telling them to begin online Orientation.  At all University of Connecticut campuses Online Orientation is mandatory for all first-time degree-seeking students, (First-Year & Transfer) in order to meet with an academic advisor in their school/college and register for classes.  There is an "Orientation Hold" on the student's record preventing them from registering for classes until the student completes online Orientation.  The hold will be removed by their academic advisor on the day they meet with them to register for classes.  At the University of Connecticut all new students must meet with an academic advisor in their school/college in order to register for classes.

CONNECT WITH THE ORIENTATION TEAM:  In addition to completing Online Orientation new students will get an opportunity to connect online with a UConn Orientation Leader from late May through mid-July in weekly sessions which are designed to meet other new students, learn more about the university, be reinforced on the tasks they need to complete as new students, and have their questions answered.  Each new student is assigned to a member of the UConn Storrs Orientation team.  The Orientation team consists of current UConn students who have had extensive training on the university and will serve as important resources for new students throughout the summer. The Orientation Leaders will meet online with their new student groups in pre-planned sessions each week starting late May.  They will be connecting with their new students though WebEx or Zoom.  New students should check their email for a message from their Orientation Leader starting late May.


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  • Covid 19 Update
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