On-Campus Orientation Information for the Storrs campus

Storrs Campus

All Orientation reservations for new students admitted to the Storrs campus are coordinated by the Storrs Orientation Office.

If you are a student admitted to one of UConn's regional campuses please contact that regional campus directly if you have questions.


STORRS ORIENTATION PORTAL LOGIN available to Storrs students who paid the enrollment deposit.

Regional Campuses

If you have been admitted to one of UConn's regional campuses, you will participate in the on-campus Orientation program for your regional campus. You will receive an email when the Orientation portal is ready for you to begin. The Storrs and Regional Campuses are on different Orientation schedules.  They do not have Orientation sessions on the same dates.

Please contact your regional campus directly if you have other questions.

Regional Campus Orientation Pages

Welcome to UConn Storrs! On-Campus Orientation is Back!

Greetings from the UConn Storrs campus!  We are happy to have you as a new member of the Storrs community. The spring/mid-summer Orientation sessions have ended for new undergraduate students and parents/guardians.  The final Orientation sessions for new undergraduate students attending the Storrs campus follow.  
  • INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION PROGRAM- AUGUST 21 - 25:  New international undergraduate students who did not attend a the summer Orientation program date (May 18 - July 20) will attend the 4-day International Orientation program that will take place from  August 21 - 25, 2022.  There is no parent/guardian Orientation session during this Orientation program.
  • FINAL ORIENTATION SESSION ON AUGUST 26:  New Storrs undergraduate students who have not met with an advisor to register for classes will attend the final Orientation session on Friday, August 26. There is no parent/guardian Orientation session during this Orientation program.
      ORIENTATION ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENT:  At the University of Connecticut all first time degree seeking students need to attend an on-campus Orientation program if they wish to meet with an advisor to register for classes in order to fulfill the university's enrollment requirement.  


    • Face Masks & On-Campus Orientation
      The Orientation program requires that Face Masks are to be worn by all Orientation participants (New Students & Parents/Guardians) for all indoor sessions.    
    • Complete Pre-Orientation Tasks
      The first part of the UConn Orientation experience is completing the Pre-Orientation tasks in the student Orientation Portal.  These tasks must be complete before a student can reserve an on-campus Orientation session. Pre-Orientation tasks include uploading Covid-19 vaccine information to the student health portal and uploading a photo for the UConn ID.
    • University Privacy Notices
      The University of Connecticut values your privacy and takes the protection of personal information very seriously.  You can find more information about the university’s privacy notices at the Office of Privacy Protection & Management website.  


    Office of Orientation Services for the Storrs Campus
    Wilbur Cross Building, Room 17
    233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4239
    Storrs, CT 06269, 4239

    Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Phone: 860-486-4866
    Fax: 860-486-0233
    Email: orientation.storrs@uconn.edu